XMPP Tips and Tricks

Need some more help? Reach out to bean or kek.

What client should I use?
Gajim on PC, Conversations on Android and Siskin on iOS, all support OMEMO encryption.
>tfw no contacts
Add the admins bean _AT_yourdata _DOT_ forsale & kek _AT_ yourdata _DOT_ forsale
We receive a lot of spam, write an email beforehand adding us (JID and email are the same).
>tfw no group chats/MUCs
I forgot my password
We do not reset passwords, next time use KeePass.
I don't have XMPP, but I really need to get in touch with you
Write an email to bean _AT_yourdata _DOT_ forsale, use GPG because I don't answer to unencrypted emails.